Friday, August 15, 2008

Wu Zun and Calvin Chen in Philippines

here's the tarp in front of ABS-CBN during the Romantic Princess Promo Tour

July 12-13, 2008 was the day where Calvin Chen Yi Ru and Wu Zun of (Hana Kimi, Tokyo Juliet & Romantic Princess)
went here in the Philippines for the Promo Tour of Guang Zhou Xiao Mei and Meet & Greet for Fei Lun Hai Fans...

over all the two-days promo tour was great!... I even got an exclusive V.I.P passes to the Meet and Greet which was
supposed to be given only to ABS' employees and Clients... good thing my bestfriend work in BENCH a famous Clothline
company here in the Philippines... It was a great show and the two (Wu Zun and Calvin) even hosted the program.

I've got a lot of pics to share with all of you but as of now i'm sharing you these, since my laptop got infected with virus
and I forgot to copy all the pics I've got from the event to my desktop.

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