Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The next drama that I'll prolly love to watch next to BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART (^O^)
I think it's time for Filipino dramas like this, to be aired on our national television. Cause Honestly, PEOPLE ARE SO FED UP FROM WATCHING HEAVY DRAMAS and FANTASY-themed series.
it's time for FEEL GOOD DRAMAS such as this, not heavy themed...and somewhat could be a stress-reliever for viewers after being on a whole day's work. With all the problems that people were facing at this point in time, minsan nakakadagdag pasanin pa ang mga dramas, lalo na pag masyadong intense ang tema.
Although I agree it tackles reality, don't these people behind these kind of series realize that they're also exposing youngsters nowadays on violence, abuse and romance which is too deep for them to comprehend?...I don't think their Parents have time to explain further on things their children watch on television.
So by merely watching these kind of dramas they're exposed on situations that might incorporate their young minds that these kind of things are the things that they should do, cause it's the trend and people that they look up to does the same thing. When supposed to be, TV actors and actresses should be a good role model and Parents on the other hand, should remind their children that these were merely "ACTING" and the thing they saw on TV DOESN'T MEAN it's the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Now I'm not surprised why Filipinos love Korean and other foreign dramas more than our locally produced series. Though I say most Korean dramas have also recycled themes (especially ROM-COM Kdramas). I think people still cater it because it's fun to watch making them forget the things they did encounter during the day.
Whew! THIS POST IS TOO LONG :p I felt like I just gave everyone a sermon LOL^^ but I hope this will be a wake up call and also a pressure to all the Producers, Writers and Directors on PHILIPPINE TELEVISION to produce more FUN and FEEL GOOD DRAMAS such as these (Be Careful with my Heart & Kahit Konting Pagtingin) in the future.
HERE's THE TRAILER for the upcoming 2013 Kapamilya Series (showing on JAN. 21, 2013) --->