Sunday, September 11, 2016


It's been 3 years since I've posted something on my Blogger... and I can't believe this site particularly my account is still alive ;) I might consider going back to writing stuff again... Though I'm not sure if all of my post will be Asian drama related. Anyways, ENJOY!  
This song was originally sang by Korean boy band Super Junior entitled Angel for the web drama HARU back in 2010 then revived by BTOB with the new title For You as part of Cinderella and Four Knights OST this 2016.

BTOB - For You (2016)

Super Junior - Angel (2010)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The next drama that I'll prolly love to watch next to BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART (^O^)
I think it's time for Filipino dramas like this, to be aired on our national television. Cause Honestly, PEOPLE ARE SO FED UP FROM WATCHING HEAVY DRAMAS and FANTASY-themed series.
it's time for FEEL GOOD DRAMAS such as this, not heavy themed...and somewhat could be a stress-reliever for viewers after being on a whole day's work. With all the problems that people were facing at this point in time, minsan nakakadagdag pasanin pa ang mga dramas, lalo na pag masyadong intense ang tema.
Although I agree it tackles reality, don't these people behind these kind of series realize that they're also exposing youngsters nowadays on violence, abuse and romance which is too deep for them to comprehend?...I don't think their Parents have time to explain further on things their children watch on television.
So by merely watching these kind of dramas they're exposed on situations that might incorporate their young minds that these kind of things are the things that they should do, cause it's the trend and people that they look up to does the same thing. When supposed to be, TV actors and actresses should be a good role model and Parents on the other hand, should remind their children that these were merely "ACTING" and the thing they saw on TV DOESN'T MEAN it's the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Now I'm not surprised why Filipinos love Korean and other foreign dramas more than our locally produced series. Though I say most Korean dramas have also recycled themes (especially ROM-COM Kdramas). I think people still cater it because it's fun to watch making them forget the things they did encounter during the day.
Whew! THIS POST IS TOO LONG :p I felt like I just gave everyone a sermon LOL^^ but I hope this will be a wake up call and also a pressure to all the Producers, Writers and Directors on PHILIPPINE TELEVISION to produce more FUN and FEEL GOOD DRAMAS such as these (Be Careful with my Heart & Kahit Konting Pagtingin) in the future.
HERE's THE TRAILER for the upcoming 2013 Kapamilya Series (showing on JAN. 21, 2013) --->

Monday, November 14, 2011

Philippines version of SAPPHIRE BLUE SEA

Kyaaa!!! Super Show 3 in Manila IS MUCH BETTER & MORE FUN than 희철 오빠 is SO HYPER (energetic)
the whole concert!...He always stay on our side...LEFT AREA (^O^)

I saw them ALL UPCLOSE but the CLOSEST and the one I got to greet personally was Hee Chul
(my bias/favorite SUJU member) and Henry Lau...

OMG!!! until now...I can't get over it, it was just SO EPIC and touching seeing the concert FOR THE FIRST TIME
Live! plus Meeting in person my FIRST LOVE...Hee Chul oppa! (^_________^)
Henry said "Hi" (with a high-five hand gesture) when I greeted him, and Heenim was then busy tweeting/texting
when he walked in front of me, but he suddenly stopped whatever he's doing that time when I said
"Annyeong Haseyo, Oppa" and looked me in the eye and nod...(^O^)

I was also moved by the song Rinaldo where in they've showed a hologram of Kang In oppa,while Suju plays imaginary
musical instruments...and the MOST TOUCHING Performance was hearing FILIPINO E.L.Fs singing along Yesung oppa's
너 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)song...everybody sang the Whole Song...and so synchronized that
Yesung is almost teary-eyed while having a BIG SMILE on his face...

watch here the fancam 너 아니면 안돼 - 예성

슈퍼쇼 3 MANILA 완전 대박! (^O^)

Monday, January 24, 2011



These issues have been going around in Korean Entertainment Industry for years now...

I feel saddened by these news coming out tarnishing the image of Record & Publishing companies in South Korea....

while some others were indifferent by these issues...

I say, We...Hallyu Fans were worried about this phenomenon, cause this leave us a thought of impending doom

*knocked on wood* "The END of HALLYU WAVE"...

since 2008 kpop have boost in the radio airwaves of every Filipino and even Foreign (like Taiwan) nations...

all you can hear on your FM radios were Super Junior's "SORRY SORRY" playing over and over again...

here only on the Philippines, not only Super Junior songs got popular but also Wonder Girl's "NOBODY" song

you could almost hear every street and every corner of Manila playing these songs while the street kids dance to their tunes...

and that's the start of "korean wave" here in our country...

Although Korean Dramas and Movies were being shown here since 2003, it is only on 2008 Filipinos start to be concerned about Korean Celebrities and Singers...

but as for me of course I've been addicted since 2003 on kdramas/kmovies and liked Suju since 2005...


My point is...after all these success on making Hallyu Stars and bringing "korean wave" to the world...

I just found it TOTALLY NONSENSE for talking about a "10 year Slave Contract" or even "Sexual Harrassment" on their younger female talents...after 5 years...Why Now??...why they didn't burst the news about it way back then? since it's not still popular...

I mean...seriously??...isn't it their choice (celebrity) on choosing that career? one force them to do so...

plus, why would they sign on a 5-10 year contract if they knew they have to work for 5-10 years right?...If you think its unbearable for you to go on a long compromise why bother with it in the first place, "if you don't want what's stated on the contract then don't sign it!"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wu Zun & Goo Hye Sun to Star in Japanese Manga Remake of "Absolute Boyfriend"?

Goo Hye Sun (Jan Di of Boys Over Flowers) and Wu Zun (Zuo Yi Quan of Hana Kimi Taiwan)

Fahrenheit with Goo Hye Sun

OMG!!! this is so surprising Goo Hye Sun (BOF) will team up with Wu Zun for Taiwanese ver. of Zettai kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)?! What The Heck! and I thought it would be Jolin Tsai as Riiko?...what happened? will be shown on GTV channel...
INTENSITY Rain and U-kiss Concert

U-kiss opening with "Bingeul, Bingeul"

Rain's 1st song number singing "It's Raining"

Last Sept.11, 2010 Rain (Jung Ji Hoon ~ Fullhouse) and U-kiss idol group had a concert on Mall of Asia open grounds as a form of promoting Rain's upcoming Korean Drama The Fugitive Plan which some scenes from the said series was shot here in Manila and Cebu City (one of Philippines famous provinces in the Southern Region)
over-all it was a blast! U-kiss sang 4 songs (Bingeul Bingeul, Mworago, End of the Road by boysIImen and lastly Man Man Ha Ni) while Rain sang an over-all 9 songs mostly from his 1st and 2nd album, Love Song from the 3rd album and then Rainism)

도망자 Plan B...(Runaway Plan B) will premiere on Sept.29, 2010 KBS2 Wed.& Thurs. 9:55pm(KST)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

일지매 (Iljimae)

watching 일지매 (iljimae)

I'm sooo Hooked on this Drama! NEVER THOUGHT IN MY WHOLE LIFE that I would be fond of watching PERIOD DRAMAS like this.

First, Let me tell you that I'm actually late in Fandom, since this series was aired way back in 2008 so it's 2 years after that I get to watch this.

I'm actually very picky when it comes to watching Asian Dramas whether it's Chinese, Korean or Japanese even Filipino since I'm from Philippines. I don't just watch series based on popularity or how handsome or beautiful the Actors portraying the characters.
I look at the over-all Package of the series and not just the Storyline, but with the whole production itself.

Honestly, when I was still a kid...I watch Dramas as long as it's pleasing to my eyes, but after taking Acting Workshops...I learned to look for the Character and the Drama's Aim or Message to it's Viewers.

Now...back to the series I wanna Review...일지매(Iljimae) based on what I understood means "Cherry Blossom" but in English they translated it as 일 "Il" meaning One and 지매"Ji Mae" as Plum so it's "One Plum."
Since Iljimae portrayed by Lee Jun Ki always leave a painting of a Plum Tree on the House that He robbed. This was actually your typical Robinhood or Hong Gil Dong (Korean Legend) type of story wherein the Protagonist is a thief who robs corrupt officials to give money to the poor. But the catch is...They put a twist on the story by making his "THIEF" character on a FRONT. He was actually looking for the Murderer who killed his Father to get revenge.

I love how the Scriptwriter, The Director, Actors and Production Staff alike tend to make this Drama a very exciting and entertaining one. First, you'll thought it's boring since its a Historical Series but once you've started watching it, you'll see how amazing they put on History with a touch of Comedy in which even a kid would enjoy watching.
All the emotions or Genres you wanted to see were all put in this like...Suspense, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Action, Historical and Romance all rolled into one series.

Plus...the good thing here it's NOT DRAGGY like other Period Dramas since its only up to 20 EPISODES. I feel even more cliffhanged watching this since I wanna see more of Iljimae's adventures.

Lastly, I hope Philippines could also make a Drama series like this. I'm really fed up with Fantaserye and Drama-Action Telenovelas, I want something in which I could learn from it. Like Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo...I think it can be a good daily series, not just for movies.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shinee and 4 minute invades Manila


4 minute korean Girl group

last Nov.27, 2009 Shinee (korean boy group) went to Manila for the 60th Philippine-Korean Friendship Day...they sang their famous songs from Boys over Flowers, Stand by Me, Juliette and Ring Ding Dong. The fans were busy screaming you could barely hear them. But still, they made a great performance and the Filipino audience loved it.

as for the 4 minute group they went here last Feb.4-8, 2010 for their Album promo tour of Muzik...