Monday, November 14, 2011

Philippines version of SAPPHIRE BLUE SEA

Kyaaa!!! Super Show 3 in Manila IS MUCH BETTER & MORE FUN than 희철 오빠 is SO HYPER (energetic)
the whole concert!...He always stay on our side...LEFT AREA (^O^)

I saw them ALL UPCLOSE but the CLOSEST and the one I got to greet personally was Hee Chul
(my bias/favorite SUJU member) and Henry Lau...

OMG!!! until now...I can't get over it, it was just SO EPIC and touching seeing the concert FOR THE FIRST TIME
Live! plus Meeting in person my FIRST LOVE...Hee Chul oppa! (^_________^)
Henry said "Hi" (with a high-five hand gesture) when I greeted him, and Heenim was then busy tweeting/texting
when he walked in front of me, but he suddenly stopped whatever he's doing that time when I said
"Annyeong Haseyo, Oppa" and looked me in the eye and nod...(^O^)

I was also moved by the song Rinaldo where in they've showed a hologram of Kang In oppa,while Suju plays imaginary
musical instruments...and the MOST TOUCHING Performance was hearing FILIPINO E.L.Fs singing along Yesung oppa's
너 아니면 안돼 (It has to be you)song...everybody sang the Whole Song...and so synchronized that
Yesung is almost teary-eyed while having a BIG SMILE on his face...

watch here the fancam 너 아니면 안돼 - 예성

슈퍼쇼 3 MANILA 완전 대박! (^O^)

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