Wednesday, August 18, 2010

일지매 (Iljimae)

watching 일지매 (iljimae)

I'm sooo Hooked on this Drama! NEVER THOUGHT IN MY WHOLE LIFE that I would be fond of watching PERIOD DRAMAS like this.

First, Let me tell you that I'm actually late in Fandom, since this series was aired way back in 2008 so it's 2 years after that I get to watch this.

I'm actually very picky when it comes to watching Asian Dramas whether it's Chinese, Korean or Japanese even Filipino since I'm from Philippines. I don't just watch series based on popularity or how handsome or beautiful the Actors portraying the characters.
I look at the over-all Package of the series and not just the Storyline, but with the whole production itself.

Honestly, when I was still a kid...I watch Dramas as long as it's pleasing to my eyes, but after taking Acting Workshops...I learned to look for the Character and the Drama's Aim or Message to it's Viewers.

Now...back to the series I wanna Review...일지매(Iljimae) based on what I understood means "Cherry Blossom" but in English they translated it as 일 "Il" meaning One and 지매"Ji Mae" as Plum so it's "One Plum."
Since Iljimae portrayed by Lee Jun Ki always leave a painting of a Plum Tree on the House that He robbed. This was actually your typical Robinhood or Hong Gil Dong (Korean Legend) type of story wherein the Protagonist is a thief who robs corrupt officials to give money to the poor. But the catch is...They put a twist on the story by making his "THIEF" character on a FRONT. He was actually looking for the Murderer who killed his Father to get revenge.

I love how the Scriptwriter, The Director, Actors and Production Staff alike tend to make this Drama a very exciting and entertaining one. First, you'll thought it's boring since its a Historical Series but once you've started watching it, you'll see how amazing they put on History with a touch of Comedy in which even a kid would enjoy watching.
All the emotions or Genres you wanted to see were all put in this like...Suspense, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Action, Historical and Romance all rolled into one series.

Plus...the good thing here it's NOT DRAGGY like other Period Dramas since its only up to 20 EPISODES. I feel even more cliffhanged watching this since I wanna see more of Iljimae's adventures.

Lastly, I hope Philippines could also make a Drama series like this. I'm really fed up with Fantaserye and Drama-Action Telenovelas, I want something in which I could learn from it. Like Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo...I think it can be a good daily series, not just for movies.

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